1. A testimony to the value I place on using your wonderful Back Eddy Seasoning Salt product:

Since first tasting the unique and special flavour at the Back Eddy Restaurant in 1976, I have been a fan of this spice. When it became available for purchase, I was keen to stock my spice cupboard and introduced it to all of my family members. Consequently, I have been stocking their spice supplies, as well, as I am the person who had access to buying the Back Eddy Seasoning Salt when working in the NWT. This seasoning salt compliments every dish that I cook in my kitchen; from soups to casseroles and anything that may be on the barbeque. It's probably the best flavour for all foods and I know that, if asked which spice I would choose as number one, my choice would be the Back Eddy Seasoning Salt.
Please ship me 1 case to the above address.

2. Greetings, Well we have almost run out of the greatest spice in the world and I need to be supplied. Please send me 4 bottles COD

3. Dear Sir, Please find enclosed a cheque for your Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt. Eddies Seasoning has become an integrate part of my barbecuing and other cooking. To me my friends it gives everything that extra zing to the taste. Thanks for sending me those jars it was a relief to find more Eddies Seasoning Salt I was getting a bit worried.

4. I am addicted to your Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt could I order some to be shipped by mail

5. Hi!, While in Hay River in November, someone gave me a gift of Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt, the family loves it! But the bottle is nearly empty. Where can I get more?

6. Dear Sir,
I recently had an opportunity to taste Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt and consider it the BEST I have ever used. Unfortunate the friend who had it was given it by someone who had been up north. I will probably be ordering 6-10 jars as I have told other people about your marvellous product. I await your reply eagerly

7. HELP! I'm out of Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt. I don't know how to cook with out it anymore. Could you please send me a fax and a price list, so I can get more? I won't be up north again till a least the fall and we just wont last that long without it. Hope you can help me

8. Hi there. Greetings from the east coast. I've had the good fortune to have been given a container of BACK EDDY'S several years ago by a relative teaching school up north. He raved about it he said it's as good a Keith's beer. Anyway, I just received a case of a dozen bottles from a source I found in Whitehorse; I panicked when I started to run low on my original bottle. So now I am set with a large supply (except when folks find out I have a supply they will surely want some) that should last for sometime. Is there a supplier on the East Coast? If not should there be? This well kept secret shouldn't only be available in the west.

9. Hello, My name is Greg and I am hooked on Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt. How can I get some more? Could you send me some? I need it, I want it, I want some more of it. Please let me know if you guys shop away to Edmonton

10. My name is Brenda and I would like some information concerning Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt. I used to live in Hay River where the actual restaurant is located. I now live in Ottawa, ON. I have used this salt since I have lived in Hay River. I will not use any other salt but this one. I recently have been giving samples to friends to test it out. They love it!!! When I need more I usually order through a retailer located in Hay River and get a minimum of six bottles when I do order it. What I would like to know. I feel there is a market here in Ottawa and it would sell like "Hotcakes" Is there any information you could provide me with about having it distributed here in Ottawa.
Thank you

11. Good Morning, near the end of this past summer my nephew from Ontario came to visit, he had been somewhere north of Edmonton on business. On his arrival to our home he gave me a bottle of seasoning salt called "Back Eddy's" he said that he got it for some friends back east and gave me some as well. We use it all the time particularly on prime rib roast. (you have no idea) Sorry. I'm getting carried away. I live in Calgary where can I get more

12. I'm a pilot for a company in Wisconsin. Four or five years ago I took our company people to Hay River for bird hunting. After several days in Hay River, my Co-pilot and I stumbled across Back Eddy's and we had a delicious moose steak with the Back Eddy's Seasoning. It was a wonderful experience that we wished we had discovered days earlier! Before leaving for home I purchased several bottles of Back Eddy's When I got home, everyone loved the seasoning so much that I have been ordering several cases a year since then. I love to give the seasoning away as gifts to family and friends! I am really happy that I've been able to locate new source for this product. Thanks.

12. Hello.I was given a jar of Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt by my niece. My family cannot get enough of it and the jar is getting low! We use it on a daily basis and I am sure I would be the worst mom ever if there came a day when I could no longer provide Back Eddy's! Can you please tell me where I can get more?
Thank you

13. Hi I'd like to know where I can get Back Eddy's spice in Saskatoon, SK This summer my sister came out from Yellowknife to visit and brought me a bottle then. My family fell in love with it, and now I would like to purchase a few bottles for Xmas stocking stuffers. Do you have a supplier in Saskatoon?? Awaiting your reply

14. I thank you for the shipment of the Back Eddy's. As a matter of fact my son thanx you sincerely as he has this spice on everything including that with mayonnaise on toast in the morning for breakfast. Again thanx so much for the order!

15. My name is Eileen I've been using your Back Eddy's Seasoning for 5 years now I think it's the best ever. Back Eddy's is the only seasoning that's in my cupboard now. The only problem I have know is I can't get it in Newfoundland I used to get it when my husband was in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Is there any way I can get more? We use this seasoning on everything we cook etc..rice, french fries, meats fish, onion rings..My kid even likes it. So can you help me? I'm willing to buy a case at a time.

16. I was introduced to this product about a month ago by a friend of mine.It is excellent! Appreciate it very much that you will send a case to me. Thanks Again.

17. I was up visiting my brother in High Level Alberta and he introduced me to your Seasoning Salt. Fantastic!! Why is it not sold in Edmonton? This stuff is the best I have ever tasted. Perhaps I could sell it for you. Have a great day

18. Hi, I am writing you from Goshen, Nova Scotia. A friend of mine is from Hay River area & was home last summer for a visit. While there she picked up some of your Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt & gave us a bottle. Needless to say, we loved it. We use it on almost everything we cooked, the flavour is out of this world. If it is possible I would like to order some. Could you please let me know if this possible, quantity that is required to purchase, price 7 shipping. Also you should consider marketing your product here, I think it would sell like crazy. I will await a reply from you & thank you for your consideration

19. I am writing to you from Labrador City Newfoundland. I have been using your spice for 3 years now and it is wonderful. I did have someone who purchased it for me and sent it in the mail but I no longer have that. I was wondering if I could order some and you could mail it. There are a lot of us actually that want some because I have given some to other friends and it is in great demand. Thank you for your time

20. Morning, Where do I buy Back Eddy's seasoning salt in and around Edmonton? We love your product and just about out Thanks for your time Ronda

21. Can you please tell me how I can get Back Eddy's Spice in Ontario. I am in the Territories every year with work and I have a limited amount of spice in which I can bring things home and Back Eddy's is one of the things that I bring home. Unfortunately one bottle only lasts until the end of the summer and then I have to wait until next year to get more I also have several friends that want to get this spice. CAN YOU HELP?

22. We are interested in retailing your seasoning. Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt, or even buying them for personal use. We are interested in other seasoning you may have; we wait your reply with a list of products and prices,

23. I am looking to buy a case of Back Eddy's spice .Is there an order form? How much is it?

24. My mom just recently used some Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt and loves it can I purchase 6 jars (400) of the salt? If so, please let me know and I will arrange payment.

25. Hello there, I am writing in hopes that I would be able to order some Back Eddy's seasoning from you. I live in Edmonton, and one of my best friends has kept me in stook of this seasoning salt for the last several years. They have left the north and I am on my last container of this spice. I think I use it on just about everything. I am interested in ordering 6/400g shakers

26. Hi, My husband and I have bought your product Back Eddy's many times but always's bought it in Fort McMurray, Even sent some to friends and family in Newfoundland. We all LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! But we live in Calgary Alberta. Could you please let us know where we could get it the closest to us. Thank you so much

27. Sir, I and all my family use your Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt. It is way above any other brand that is out there.

28. Sir, I and all my family use your Back Eddy Seasoning Salt. It is way above any other brand that is out there. What we are wondering is do you make a seasoning pepper? If you do not already make it please consider doing so for the salt conscious people.
Thank you for your attention

29. I was just wondering how I might be able to get a hold of the Back Eddy's spices. I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and had the opportunity to taste your spice. My whole family was taken with it.

30. Hi, I am inquiring into the cost of your awesome seasoning salt. I acquired a bottle from a friend. How much is a case or a bottle. However you sell it. Thank you in advance,

31. Your back eddy's is wicked awesome

32. Hi, I would like you to send me some more seasoning please I would like 2 cases this time (24) Let me know how much and I will send you a money order Thank you

33. I was just wondering how I might be able to get a hold of you Eddy Spices. I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and had the opportunity to taste you spices. My whole family was quite taken with it. I will await you reply. Thanks

34. Hello, we are great fans of your Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt - have used it for a couple of years. Now moved to Saskatchewan - can you tell me if I can get it here or can I buy direct through internet or mail order? Thank-you,

35. Sir: I and all my family use your Back Eddy Seasoning salt. It is way above any other brand that is out there. What we are wondering is do you make a seasoning pepper? If You do not already make it please consider doing so for the salt conscious people. Thank you for your attention.

36 Thanks for the email. It is for our own personal use. A friend introduced Back eddy's seasoning salt to us, and now we use it for everything, caribou shavings just aren't the same without it!!

37. Hello, I have been using your Back Eddy's seasoning salt for several years now, and love it. I have also introduced it to several friends here in Nova Scotia, and they also love it. However, we have great difficulty getting it. We lost our original contact who was in northern Alberta, and have since found it by chance, a contact in Yellowknife. But this person is unreliable, and we have been without any spice for almost 6 months now, and are starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms! (LOL) We were wondering if you are willing to ship by the case, and if so, how much you would charge, including cost, S&H, taxes, etc. as well as what method of payment you would accept. We would dearly like to hear from you, as this spice has quite a fan club in the Halifax-Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia. Thank you for any information you can provide,

38. Hi. I am from Newfoundland and my parents introduced me to the great spice known as Back Eddy's about 2 years ago. We are hooked and so are a lot of other people in our community. I was wondering if you take credit cards and send the spice by mail. If so, could you please e mail me back to let me know. Thanks,

39. Dear Sir; I have been enjoying your salt now for the past 5 or 6 years. I now have used up the last bottle that I received last year. If possible I would like to order 10 bottles to be sent C.O.D. Thanking you in advance.

40. Dear Back Eddy's seasoning salt cooperation, My family and I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My uncle had gone up to the North West Territories for a carpentry job and brought us back some. We loved the taste and the little bite it had to it. Sadly we are almost out of the divine taste of Back Eddy's. We would be honoured if you would be able to e-mail us back and see if it would be possible to get some more of the divine seasoning salt.

41. Hello Laws Fine Foods, As you probably know you make the best spice in the world, and my jar is getting empty. We live in Chemainus on Vancouver Island. Is there anywhere we can purchase your product here or can we purchase directly from you. if so we would like to place an order to include our friends who also enjoy this great spice.
Thank You
John & Leslie

42. Hello there. We just love Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt but unfortunately have run out of it. A very old friend of mine is from Hay River and I would like to get him and us more for Christmas. Can you tell me where I can order more from? We live in High River AB just south of Calgary.
Kind regards,

43. I do love your product as does my brother and it seems every one of our friends here on the Island who try it love it too. I have a girlfriend here who is a seasoning salt junky and thought it was all the same until I gave her some Back Eddy's to try ... now she says it's the best and tastes awesome.

44. Is it possible to order spice "Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt"by e-mail?? I bought it in Hay River, but now I live in Japan.My family and I really like that spice. We hope we can get it again.
Best Regard,

45. Hello. My name is Ryosuke living in Japan. Three years ago I used to travel to Yellowknife for seeing northern lights. And at the camping site I ate fish barbecue, tasting good. I heard the trick for cooking was the Back Eddy's seasoning salt. So I got the one and come back to Japan. Until Now I used the salt for cooking. But now the bottle is empty. I want to get the new one. Please tell me how I can buy it.

46. How are you doing?? We are not doing to well here we are out of your wonderful Seasoning Salt. I was wondering if I gave you our Credit Card information through this or over the phone if you would send us some. We live in New Brunswick. We would of course cover shipping costs...We would also greatly appreciate it!!! If you could let me know that would be great!!

47. First I want to say again, we certainly enjoy Back Eddy's Seasoning. We try it in many dishes now, and are yet to be disappointed. Whereas my wife's cooking was once a little bland or overly familiar, it now has a renewed taste. As I've said before, I'd like the opportunity to spread the seasoning, so to speak.

48. I was given a jar of Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt from a friend. I use it in just about everything I cook and I have run out of it. Is there a way in which I can go about ordering more? I Love this product!!
Thank You

49. Hello I used to live in Inuvik, NWT and I am now living in Fredericton NB. I really like using your Back Eddy's seasoning salt well I am cooking. Unfortunately I have run out of it and I can't buy anymore of it here. I was wondering if there is a way to order it online.

50. To whom it may concern: We really enjoy your seasoning salt....We have had it brought here in the past, but are wanting to know if you have a supplier near us in Sask.
Thank you in advance.

And they're still coming in .....

51. I'm from Nebraska. While visiting relatives in Red Deer, Alberta, last June I was impressed by the seasoning they used. I soon found out it was "Back Eddy's" and was very pleased when they sent some home with me. My supply is now almost exhausted and I would very much like to purchase this great product.

52. Thank you.... You don\'t know just how long I have been hunting for this spice. My son brought some home from a friends, who's Aunt worked in a restaurant that used this spice. My son brought a few bottles of it home. And every since then I have been addicted to it!!! I have had one bottle that I have been using very stingley, over the last year. It would be fantastic to find and be able to use it again on a daily bases.

53. I tasted Back Eddys Seasoning Salt on the May long weekend at my sister\'s house. It was fantastic. Even better, my granddaughter has food allergies to almost everything on earth, but she is able to have your Seasoning Salt. Thanks for making such a great product anyone can enjoy.
Thank you.

54. Purchased your seasoning salt in Yellowknife last year while I was there on work. Love it and can\'t get it here in Colorado. Thanks for helping. I look forward to ordering more...now and in the future.

55. Hello! Have been using your seasoning salt for years. My friend has always supplied me with a 400g jar, and am almost out. My friend has moved out of our town, and I would like to know the cost of a 400g jar, and how many jars to a case. Mailing costs etc.....Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance! Heather
Thank you.

56. I absolutely love you back eddy's seasoning salt...I use it on everything...Yummy
Thank you.

57. Had some of your famous bask eddy\'s seasoning ,brought down from Zama last year. I can honestly say it is the best seasoning I have ever had in my life. It goes wall with everything ,especially wild game and fish.I've been looking for this site for almost a year now just to place an order.thank you
Thank you.

58. My wife cooking has not been the same since we ran out of your seasoning salt. Wasn't much before but the seasoning salt added that "Bam" and made it all better! Now were back to the same old taste and I can\'t take it anymore!!! I’ve looked everywhere, in every grocery store and no Back Eddie... HELP... I need Back Eddie seasoning salt cause I’m loosing weight fast!
Yours truly,

59. I never heard of this Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt until about 8 months ago when my boyfriend introduced me to it. Now I\'m addicted and we probably go through a bottle/month.
I love it.
Thank you.

60. I am so glad to see that I can order your seasoning salt on line....I live in Saskatchewan and always pick some up in Stony Plain, Alberta when we go up to visit....am out of salt and not going to Alberta for awhile and I was in a panic....the only seasoning salt to use!!! Thanx so much!!
Thank you.

61. Hi; I have just started using your seasoning salt and love it, I use it on everything, from eggs right up the line. It is a very good product.
Thank you.

62. I would like to order some of your Back Eddy's seasoning salt. I tried it the other day at a friends place on some moose steaks, and it was just absolutely delicious.
Thank you.

63. My Dad has been giving us a few bottles each time we visit him in Gimli, MB. Well, he ran out and only had one bottle left and didn't want to give it up. So, I found your website and I\'m interested in ordering a few bottles.
Thank you.

64. Hi I would like to order some BACK EDDY'S seasoning and I also would like three tin Back Eddy's shakers this has to be the finest seasoning on the market my hats off to you

65. Awesome food but unfortunately, the last time we dined there was in 1987 when we lived in Pine Point. Since leaving I've had your Back Eddy seasoning salt sent to me by a friend but would like to know if you orders by mail for patrons.I'm running very low and would like to purchase more. Please respond asap!

66. Let me start by saying” Hello and Thank You “ for my 1st Back Eddy’s experience. My best buddy lives in Ft. Simpson and while home on vacation gave me a bottle of Back Eddy’s Seasoning Salt. I have many seasoning recipes From Cajon to French to Southern, but when I tried your seasoning all I could say was” WOW”. I don’t know what you did but please keep on doing it, your product is bang on. Secondly, as I live in Nova Scotia, could you please send me some info as to pricing and means of shipping.
Thank You

67. I first experienced your spice back in 1981 when I first came to Hay River. I left in 1982 to work elsewhere with my company and then returned in 2003. I took home several bottles of your spice home and gave to friends to try. Everyone raved at how good this spice was. I am looking at taking more home this fall and I am wondering what the price would be for 12 400g bottles of the spice.
Thank you.

The following are even more testimonials from emails I've received in the past 12 months.

Hi, I was given some of your seasoning salt for my thanksgiving
turkey, and WOW!!! It is awesome. Is it sold in stores anywhere?? All of
my guests want to have some because it made the turkey, and the gravy
taste AMAZING!!!!

I am writing from Dartmouth NS and wondering how I will go
about having your great spiced shipped to me here! I love the spice which
was given to me from my nephew who lives up north. I would like to give
it as Xmas presents! Thanks,

My Family and I absolutely love Back Eddy's! We put it on
everything, From egges in the morning to meatloaf at night! We use it so
much we need some more! Thanks a bunch!

We moved from NWT over 2 years ago and are now running out of Back Eddy's seasoning. My son uses it on just about everything. He tries to impress his friends with his culinary skills but he can't fool Mom and Dad. We know the secret ingredient. Having said that, we desperately need a few more bottles. Can we either get Back Eddy\'s anywhere in Newfoundland or can we order more?
Thank you.

Please can you send me a price for your spice ...I have some here and dont want to run out :) im from east side of Edson Alberta and bought your spice in the town of Hinton at a Butcher shop that has just opened up there .. im going to send some to some family members that i have in Windsor , Ontaio ... lets see if we can turn this spice into an addiction , i no . my Family is .. :) Thanx Sue

Hi there, travelled in Canada's north last year an was introduced to Back Eddy's, LOVE IT, and bought some to bring back to Ontario, but now I am out, and I really want some more, it is the best seasoning I have ever had.

So I am wondering what it would cost to get some sent to me in Ontario, a couple of each kind.

Thanks, Matty

We are almost out of seasoning, it'll be tragic if we don't get some more. I use Back Eddy on all foods.
Thank you.

I recently had the pleasure of sampling one of your seasoning products and I was most impressed. Could you tell me if there is an outlet for it in the uk where I could buy it.
Many Thanks

Please could you let me know if it would be possible to order some Back Eddys seasoning salt. My dad, whom lives in Canada, now has us hooked on the product and we are running low on supplies.
Look forward to hearing from you,

I live in Nova Scotia Canada and have friends in Newfoundland who I went to visit recently. While I was there they used this spice that a relative had brought back from out west. The spice was absolutely awesome and I would like to get some. I was wondering if you could give me a price on buying a 1 or 2 pound lot. Or if there is a place around me where I might be able to purchase some. I can't wait to get some and try it on a steak on the BBQ. I eagerly wait for your response.

Gratefully yours,

Hi, I am no longer able to find Back Eddy's at the local store that carried it, I am almost out, and really need to order some. My brother got me hooked on Back Eddy\'s and nothing tastes right without it. Even cottage cheese is a treat with Back Eddy's mixed in it ~ I actually use it instead of chip dip. I don't know if my brother has any, so I need to make sure I get enough for all of us. I also need extra as the odd jar seems to walk out the door with guests.

I think 8 of the original Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt would be great and we must try 2 of the Southwest Seasoning.

Thank you for your time,

This summer my nephew gave me a jar of your seasoning salt
after a fishing trip we were on. It is great on halibut, great on basa, great on pike and I NEED MORE!
Please let me know how to order a couple of jars asap as I have run out of it today.

Hi, we are currently living in Houston, TX and would love to order some Back Eddys. Do you ship to the US?

Thank you.

Can i order Back Eddys from Sweden?
I have friends in Canada who use to send Eddys to me.. Did taste it for the first time in 97 when i was working as a hunting guide there. Eddys was the only seasoning i needed in my pack! I love it!!


So we are from Red Deer, AB and lived with a roomate who is originally from the NWT and with her she brought Back Eddys and swore by it. Nicley she left us a container and we became addicted to it! Now we have finally finished it and are wondering how much the cost is for 2 original Back Eddys and 1 Southwest. Thanks.

Thank you.

I would like to order 4 Back Eddys Seasoning Salt in the 400g container...it is the best seasoning salt in the world!!! Can't live without it.

Thank you.

A dear friend sent us your Backeddys Seasoning Salt, my husband puts it on everything. Have introduced friends to it and nothing but possitive comments.
I would like to order 6 Seasoning Salt 400g.
Please email an invoice or phone with a price
Thank You

My father has been singing the praises of Back Eddy's Seasoning Salt for years. He recieved (and quickly used) a bottle from a friend as a host\'s gift years ago. I, having never tried Back Eddy's, couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.
Then, while visiting a new neighbour (originally from NWT now living in NS) I had my first taste of your product. I fell immediately in love. Now I need some of my own.

Thank you.

Hi My family and I love your spice I was just wondering where I can buy it from. We live in Kitchener, Ontario

Thank you.

Hi i tried some of your Backeddys Southwest seasoning It is the best i have ever tasted.I was wondering how much A bottle and could i have some sent to Newfoundland.Via C.O.D. I would appreciate a reply to my Request Thank you.

Thank you.

We are in desperate need of a bottle of Back Eddy. Didn't realize we were so low!

Thank you.

I just tasted Back Eddys Seasoning Salt at a friend's for the first time last night and have to have some!! I would like a few jars ASAP! Thanks.

Thank you.

I'm running out of BACK EDDY's Seasoning salt!
I'd like to get a case of your traditional seasoning salt sent ASAP.


Wondering if it is possible to get 4 large containers of your regular Backeddys and 1 container of your Southwest Backeddys by the 22nd of June, 2010. A friend of mine has been asked to do all the BBQ'ing at our Sunday School Picnic and made a request for more of the spice, but I did not have enough on hand. I live in Manitoba. Please let me know pricing and availability. Thank you.

Thank you.

I would like 24 bottles of seasoning. I believe that is 2 cases.
Could you inform me about the various sizes please.
Thank you,

How can i order some of your spices is it COD or MONEY ORDER. I am running short on my spice. I am from Newfoundland and would like to have some more because i trully enjoy it . THANK YOU.

Thank you.

These are just some of the letters I have received over the years. All testimonials are on file as proof of author