Back Eddys ~ created by a chef ~ for chefs


Where do great products come from? How does anything really good get it's start? Usually they are the result of much experimentation, time to perfect the product, and a tremendous amount of believing from your own experience, you have created a product that is unquestionably unique from any other product. I believe I have that product.

How Back Eddy's Seasoning came about:

In 1974 I opened the Back Eddy Restaurant in Hay River, Northwest Territories and the Back Eddy's Seasoning was born.

The Back Eddy was a steak and seafood restaurant and as a result I required a great seasoning for my steaks and seafood. It was then that I set about experimenting with different spices, herbs and salt to enhance the flavour of the steaks. I had brought a recipe with me when I opened the restaurant, but the balance was not perfected and that was the key. In order to have the perfect seasoning I required the perfect balance of spices, herbs and salt so that they would blend well with each other. Finally after numerous attempts, effort and with much customer feed back, I finally had a winner. My customers raved over the taste of the steaks. This unique blend finally created, was not only being obtained for restaurant use but also sold in little white buckets to other customers.

In the beginning I was preparing 25 pounds a week which quickly turned into 200 pounds a week. This was a small town and Back Eddy's Seasoning quickly became the only seasoning that people wanted to use on their food. This seasoning was not only being used for steak, but chicken, fish, hamburgers, wild meat, vegetables, popcorn, fries, potatoes and numerous other dishes.

I sold the Back Eddy Restaurant and kept the name of Back Eddy's Seasoning. I remained in Hay River making the seasoning for the town until I left to work up north. I knew the seasoning was becoming popular but never realized how much until my return to Hay River. The Town was without spice and there was great disappointment when I told them I was not making any more as my job involved a lot of travel. The overwhelming demand for this product made me change my mind, with this in mind I incorporated my company in order to retail this spice with professional jars and labels.

The reaction was overwhelming just as it is today. Almost everyone who tries Back Eddy's Seasoning, loves it and becomes a lifelong user. Why not, it is the perfect compliment to practically any meal set on your table.

Most important is that all ingredients in Back Eddy's seasoning are of the highest quality available and closely supervised with the strictest guidelines.

The testimonials that are enclosed are just some that I have received over the years.